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Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Need some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? We have you covered!

If you are like most people, important dates tend to sneak up on you. You always have good intentions of getting things done. Before you know it, though, it’s the day before and you aren’t ready. 

For instance, Mother’s Day is fast approaching (hint: it’s this coming Sunday). If you don’t have a gift ready, you might find yourself scrambling. Let us help you out! Below, you will find a short list of some quick ideas that come with heartfelt intent. 

1. Write a note.

Yes, this may sound like the simplest gift idea ever. You may be thinking it doesn’t even sound like a legit gift. I assure you it is. The world is full of hateful, spiteful words. Bring words of beauty, kindness and love into your mom’s world with a heartfelt note. Let Mom know how much she means to you. Thank her for her sacrifices. Tell her what you admire about her. Reminisce about humorous moments. Your note will be something your mom can enjoy again and again. 

2. Pick up a sign from today’s sale.

At West Main Creations, we have some items that your mom will love. Our Mother’s Day signs are meant to be a way to express your love for your mom. Each time Mom sees her sign, she will remember how much she means to you. Check out the Mother's Day Collection here (Each sign is 15% off with the code MOMLOVE19 through 5/8/19).

3. Take Mom out for brunch or lunch.

Whether on Mother’s Day or another day, your Mom will love being spoiled. Take her out for a special brunch or lunch. Spend this special time getting to know your mom better. Ask her about her childhood, her favorite things or things she wants to accomplish. Your mom will love feeling valued.

4. Go green.

Most women love flowers, mothers included. This Mother’s Day surprise your mom with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. If Mom is more of a perennial gal, get a potted plant or a gift card to her local nursery. Artificial flowers can also do the trick. Pop them in a jar full of her favorite treats or other small items. 

5. Take some T-I-M-E. 

This Mother’s Day gift idea is the very best, in my biased opinion. Take time out of your busy, busy life to spend with your mom. Time is one of today’s most precious commodities. Spending some of your time with Mom will mean so much. Take a walk. Put a puzzle together. Watch a favorite movie. Plant flowers. Bake cookies. End with an ‘I love you,’ and a hug. This may be your mom’s favorite gift of all.   

However you decide to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day, give her a gift that comes from your heart.

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