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31 Things We Loved About October

31 Things We Loved About October

As this month draws to a close, we take a look back at 31 things we loved most about this October. Several things we have loved came from items off our Fall Bucket List Post. Other things were a result of life. Many things involved family and making memories. No matter what, this was an October to remember.  

Things We Loved This October #1-10

#1. Our Fall & Halloween Sale. Everyone loves a sale, and our Spooky31 sale is so much fun. Take 31% off our Fall & Halloween products. Each order will receive a Happy Halloween tin sign (while supplies last). This sale ends at midnight (10.31.18). Click here to shop now.

#2. Decorating for the season. We love our Fall & Halloween decorations; the pumpkins, the fun signs, the scarecrows. This year, I added "webs" around the house. This simple addition has brought a large amount of fun to our home.

#3. Cooler weather. Even though we love warm, summer days, there is something so satisfying and invigorating about that nip in the air.  

#4. Sweet, sweet apples. Apples can be enjoyed year-round but never taste better than in the fall.  

#5. Eating candy corn. Sure, it’s mostly sugar and might contain wax. We still end up with a bag in our shopping cart...somehow.

#6. Snuggling a newborn baby. One of our team members had a baby girl near the end of September. We can’t get enough of this sweet little one.

#7. Having a cook-out with family. We roasted hot dogs and made Dutch oven potatoes. Dessert was s’mores over the fire.

#8. Finding the North Star with my dad. At the cook-out mentioned above, my dad showed some of the grandkids how to find the North Star. I remember doing the same with my grandpa when I was a kid. Priceless memories.

#9. Fall colors. As philosopher Albert Camus said, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

#10. A drive to see those fall colors. This year it was the Alpine Loop near Provo, Utah.

Things We Loved This October #11-20

#11. Picking out pumpkins with the kids. I am always surprised by the perfectly imperfect pumpkins my kids pick out. Sometimes what I find ugly, they love.

#12. Painting pumpkins. My 5-year-old was so excited to paint her pumpkin this year. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

#13. Frosty mornings. Jack Frost is one of my favorite artists, and he never fails to create a beautiful canvas.

#14. Watching a flock of birds fly south. My husband and I were lucky enough this year to see several flocks flying south.

#15. Spending time with family. Every Sunday evening, we visit family. One Sunday this month, we visited my paternal grandmother. She will be 92 years old in January. Each day with her is a gift.

#16. Putting puzzles together. Puzzles are a form of relaxation for me. I am so glad I made time for this soothing activity.

#17. Reading with a new reader. We have a kindergarten age child this year. We have been spending a lot of time sounding out letters and words. I love seeing a child's face light up when he or she can read.

#18. Watching football games. Whether on the high school level or the collegiate, we have loved catching football games every weekend. Even if our team doesn't win.

#19. Taking walks around the neighborhood. Colorful leaves, festive decorations, and some spooky displays have made daily walks so enjoyable.

#20. Halloween parties. Our family has experienced great parties this month. At school, with family, or at the neighbors, we have had a blast.

Things We Loved This October #21-31

#21. Pumpkin recipes. Pumpkins and October just go together. We have loved making pumpkin cookies and bars, quick breads, and roasted pumpkin seeds.

#22. Warming up by the fire. On chilly days, we love a warm, toasty fire. We all gather around the fireplace and enjoy time together.

#23. Hikes with the dog. This October has been beautiful. Nothing pairs better with nice weather than a hike with the family dog.

#24. A team member completing his radiation treatment for cancer. This may be our most loved thing of October. Cancer treatments are draining. The joy of completing a set of treatments is indescribable.

#25. Connecting with so many of you on social media. We have loved connecting with new and not-so-new friends online.

#26. Making caramel apples. A yearly tradition we cannot do without.

#27. Watching the baseball world series. We are a family divided. Some cheered for the Dodgers and some for the Red Sox. We will be friends again by Thanksgiving.

#28. Celebrating what would have been Grandpa’s 100th birthday. Our dear grandpa has been gone for almost 14 years. When we realized he would have been celebrating 100 years this month, we decided we had to have a party. We had cupcakes, and I told my kids about some of my favorite memories with Grandpa.

#29. Making that first pot of soup. This year it was a cheesy potato chowder. Yum, yum.

#30. Buffalo Check Pumpkins. These darling, fabric pumpkins have captured our eye all season long.

#31. Memories made. From cookouts to Halloween parties, we made great memories this month. We will have more Octobers but not another October 2018. We have loved all the good that came our way. What have you loved about this October? Share with us in the comments!

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