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My Kids' Favorite Books

My Kids' Favorite Books is a short list of some of our most-loved books. Since my kids were small, I have read to them almost every night before bed. From heroes to princesses and everything in between, we have read a lot. Over the years, the books have changed. We have gone from picture books to short chapter books to I-will-read-on-my-own books. I will always cherish this time with my kids, snuggled against me as we enjoy a story together.  

Because of this happy time with my kids, I wanted to share with you some of our favorite books. Hopefully, you find one or two you can enjoy with your kids. 

I Am Otter

Written and illustrated by Sam Garton

Since reading "I Am Otter," a couple of months ago, this book has become a house favorite. The story involves an adorable otter, a sidekick teddy bear and the Otter Keeper. While Otter Keeper is at work, Otter and Teddy find a way to occupy their time. What will Otter Keeper find when he gets home?

"I Am Otter," has an engaging storyline kids will love. What really makes this book so enjoyable, though, is the illustrations. I found myself laughing at something on each page. From Otter's handmade signs to Otter Keeper going to work in his bathrobe, this book was a delight. 

Other Otter books include, "Otter in Space," "Otter Loves Halloween!" "Otter Goes to School," and  "Otter Loves Easter!" There is also an "I Can Read," series with more of Otter's adventures. To learn more about Otter, read her online stories and view her latest inventions, visit her website here.  

The Case of the Missing Donut

Written by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Isabel Roxas

When my son was around the age of 6 or 7, a favorite read was, "The Case of the Missing Donut." Since then, my daughters have come to love this book as well. My kids all love donuts. And funny stories. And great illustrations. And dogs. This book has all of those things.

Sheriff, a young boy, must bring a box of donuts safely home. What happens when one of the donuts goes missing? With his faithful Deputy, Sheriff must solve this case! 

Alison McGhee writes adult, teen and children fiction. To see more of her books, click here

The Little House

Written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton

My middle child is a bit nostalgic, so, "The Little House," is one of her favorite books. This book is a story about a house out in the country. As the years pass, the city grows closer and closer. All too soon, the city has grown so big, the house is in the city. The little house can no longer see the stars and moon at night. The house dreams of being in the country again. One day, that dream comes true, and the little house is taken to the country once more.

"The Little House," was written in 1942 and won the Caldecott Medal in 1943. The text is somewhat lengthy for a children's book, and the illustrations do not 'pop' like many of today's books. However, this is a sweet story that is still much-loved. Reading this book reminds me to slow down and enjoy each day.    

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

Written by Josh Funk and illustrated by Brendan Kearney

"Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast," has long been one of my kids' favorite books. Only a drop of syrup remains in the fridge. Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast each want that last drop. In a race to get the syrup, who will win? This rhyming story is full of daring leaps, horrible mishaps and fabulous illustrations. 

Other books involving Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast: "The Case of the Stinky Stench," and "Mission Defrostable." For more books by Josh Funk, click here.

Grumpy Cat: The Little Grumpy Cat That Wouldn't

Illustrated by Steph Laberis

"Grumpy Cat," is a Little Golden Book with a copyright to Grumpy Cat Limited. Basically, I am not sure who wrote this book. That being said, "Grumpy Cat," is a hilarious book that my kids love. Grumpy Cat is grumpy and doesn't like anything. A butterfly, ladybug, and a bird all try to cheer up Grumpy Cat. Will they succeed? 

I loved Little Golden Books when I was a kid, so I have a small collection of them now. After flipping through, "Grumpy Cat," I knew it was one I had to add. The story is funny, and the illustrations are great. Other Grumpy Cat stories include: "A is for Awful," "Yawn! A Grumpy Cat Bedtime Story," and "Grumpy Cat's First Worst Christmas." All of these are Little Golden Book stories. For Grumpy Cat photos and merchandise, she has her own website called, of course, Grumpy Cat.    

These are just some of the books my kids and I like to read together. What books do you like to read with your kids? Let us know in the comments! 

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