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West Main Creation's Story

West Main Creations' Story

West Main Creations began, like most things, with an idea. An idea to help people turn houses into homes by providing beautiful, affordable decor pieces.

Why West Main?

In May 2018, West Main Creations was created by a mother and daughter team, Sherry and Emilee. The name West Main comes from our family’s home address. Built by our dad and grandpa over 20 years ago, our house on West Main has long been home. Not long after deciding on the name, Emilee found a metal street sign bearing the same name. It was a literal sign that West Main was the right name for our company.

Becoming ‘The Team’

West Main Creations was officially launched to the public on June 17, 2018. By this time, Sherry and Emilee had added a couple more players. Our only brother, Nate, and his wife, Kenzie, became valuable members of the team. West Main Creations would not function without these two. In August, another sister, Stacee, was added and ‘The Team,’ was complete.

Road Bumps and Blessings

Shortly after launching our company, we had a serious road bump. Nate had a seizure, which was completely unexpected. After being rushed to the hospital, and a CT scan, Nate was told he had a mass on his brain. A biopsy confirmed what we all prayed it wasn’t: cancer. With humble hearts, we pleaded that God would help Nate to fight and beat this cancer. God is good all the time. We have received many blessings since the day Nate had his seizure. He was able to have surgery to remove the tumor. Nate completed radiation in the fall and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments. We have great hope for the future. We have also been so blessed by your support. Your sweet comments and interactions, in person or through social media, have uplifted us. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

Meet The Team

At West Main Creations, we are family, but we are also a team. We work together, bringing different strengths to our company.

Mama Sherry

Sherry is the mom of the West Main bunch. She does a lot of the ordering and tries to help where she can. She is married to Scott. They have seven children, six girls and one boy.  They have 21 grandchildren (with another one due in July.  She is also a dog mom to Chessie (a yellow lab) and Inna (a Malamute/Wolf mix).  In her spare time she enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, reading, gardening, camping and traveling.  She loves spending time with her family.

Some of her favorites

Color: Red

Food: Chocolate

Holiday: Christmas

Time of Year: Fall


Emilee manages West Main's social media accounts, customer service and shipments. Emilee married her high school sweetheart, and they have 3 children 2 boys and 1 girl. She is also a cosmetologist and loves all her beautiful clients. She loves to travel, be with her family, and play the piano.

Some of her favorites

Time of day: Night

Dessert: Cake

Holiday: Easter

Movie: Sweet Home Alabama

Food: Steak & Baked Potatoes

Emilee's favorite quote is: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." Babe Ruth

Nate & Kenzie

Nate and Kenzie (husband and wife) have been around since the beginning. Nate dabbles in photography, graphic design, and web design. Being the only guy, he usually is the one that says that looks good when we are ordering products, as he has no idea what looks good and what doesn’t (his words). McKenzie helps Stacee and Nate out with product inventory on our website.

Nate and Kenzie have a little baby boy that is beyond spoiled with another one on the way. The one that is on the way (due in July) will be their first HUMAN child and the other is a liver and white Springer Spaniel.

Some of Nate’s favorites

Drink: Mt. Dew (any flavor) and Coke

Place in the world: Switzerland

Hobby: Sitting on the couch (seriously, name something better)

Person: 1. Wife 2. Tie - Dog and baby in my wife’s belly


Stacee joined the team in August 2018. She works behind the scenes; writing our product descriptions and blog posts and keeping track of our inventory. On occasion, Stacee also helps out with our social media and our website. Stacee and her husband, Justin, have 3 kids: 1 boy and 2 girls. In her spare time, Stacee likes to read, go for hikes, and take road trips. She loves being with her family, exploring new places, and learning about the past.

Some of her favorites

Time of day: Morning

Snack: Dove milk chocolate

Holiday: Easter

Find: Her husband

Way to spend $20: A good book and a bag of chocolate

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