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White Kitchen Cabinets - A Must-Have?

White kitchen cabinets…are they a must-have for your home or a trend you can do without?

This question was one I repeatedly pondered a few years ago when my husband and I were in the building process. White cabinets were at the top of my must-have list. I wanted those bright cabinets so much that we went over-budget on cabinetry. Not just a little either. We went over budget by about $2,500. I went with Formica counter-tops instead of granite to make up the difference. If you are dreaming of a white kitchen, let me help you weigh the pros and cons.  

What I Love:

  • A bright, but still warm and inviting, kitchen. We spent 7 years in a home with very little natural light and a kitchen with darker cabinetry. My new white kitchen is a haven for me.
  • Any added color pops against the white background. White goes with anything, so I can change out accents as often as I like.
  • White is a match to any hardware. The possibilities were endless when we were deciding on knobs and drawer pulls. I loved having options.
  • A white kitchen is timeless. White kitchens have big staying power. For an easy update, replace the rugs and switch out the hardware.

What I Dislike:

  • Visible grime and splatters. White shows EVERYTHING.
  • Daily cleaning. I confess I washed my wood cabinets about twice a year. Not so with white cabinets. After I wash dishes, I take my rag and wipe down the front of my cabinets. Then I wipe them dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • Chipped paint. Touching up paint on my cabinets was a maintenance job I did not foresee when I went with white cabinets. Dropped knife = chipped paint. Spilled water not wiped up = chipped paint. Bumped cupboard with crock-pot = chipped paint.
  • Not kid friendly. Little hands are often covered in dirt. Or orange residue from Cheetos Puffs. Or any number of things that come off when those little hands open cupboards or drawers. Also, I loved the idea of white cabinets so much, we installed them in our bathrooms. Worst. Idea. Ever. One child spilled mouthwash, which ran down the cabinet. Now that cabinet has a nice blue streak down the middle. All the water in the bathroom makes for more chipped paint. And I won't even mention the dirt streaks from muddy hands.
So do my likes outweigh my dislikes? In other words, would I choose white kitchen cabinets again? The answer is YES! The joy I get from my bright, happy kitchen is worth the hassle of daily cleaning and touching up paint. Now white cabinets in the bathroom...   Looking for more design inspiration? Check out 10 Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

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